Liam Gallagher’s harsh words for the world of electronic music

Former Oasis lead sticks to his rock and roll background, broadly dismissing all electronic music.

In an interview with online music magazine CoS, former Oasis frontman has reaffirmed his dislike for all forms of electronic music in no uncertain terms.


Although he has previously collaborated with The Prodigy and Death in Vegas, he ruled out any further work in the genre, saying he is ‘not a big dance music fan’. If there was any doubt as to his views on the subject, he summed up his position with trademark eloquence, commenting that ‘dance music can f**k right off’.


While his brother, Noel, seems to be embracing musical diversity, having recently collaborated with Gorillaz on a dance track with old adversary, Damon Albarn, Liam claims, with great insight, that ‘whatever rock and roll is, that’s me, man.’ We’re glad that’s cleared up then. It would appear that Liam only likes guitars.


Meanwhile, the aging 45-year old rock star is supposedly keeping much healthier these days and is currently touring as a solo artist, with his first album due for release shortly. His live shows are said to include old Oasis material from back in the 90s, mixed in with some newer, similar sounding songs.


It’s good to hear that Liam is living well these days. And that he’s staying relevant.



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