Top 10 Ibiza tracks of the season so far

We spend all winter counting down the days until the season starts and now here we are, already into August, the opening parties are a distant memory and we’re coming to the thick end of the summer. If you’ve been out to Ibiza already this year and you were wondering what those tracks were that were causing havoc up and down the island, here’s our guide to the top ten tunes so far, our picks for the best music of the first half of Ibiza 2017.



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Green Velvet – La La Land – Prok & Fitch Sweet Sixteen remix


This is Prok and Fitch’s take on Green Velvet’s 2001 techno classic, La La Land. They’ve played around with the original vocal and layered in a rumbling bassline, updating the track for 2017 and ensuring this is one that will be rocking Ibiza all summer. This has nothing to do with the film of the same name by the way…




Latmun – Everybody’s Dancin’



The infectious, unrelenting bass and crisp percussion on this track from Latmun will guarantee Everybody’s Dancin’ on Ibizan dancefloors this season. Latmun played three nights at Cuckooland at Ibiza Rocks in July but you’re sure to hear this track on the party island this year whether you catch a Latmun set or not. This track is an understated musical highlight of 2017.


Rampa – Bimma



This beautifully-crafted track from Rampa is a thoughtful, almost spiritual piece of music featuring hypnotic tribal percussion and an absorbing vocal sample. We couldn’t find out what the words mean or even which language it is but this mesmerising tune is typical of the music Rampa plays. It’s sad that he’s cut back on his live sets in recent times but he still plays out occasionally. If you manage to catch one of his sets, Rampa will take you on a percussive electronic journey far removed from some of the commercial rubbish that is all too prevalent nowadays.


Age of Love – Age of Love – Solomun Remix




Solomun’s new version of the timeless classic Age of Love is so fresh, it’s only just become available on general release – and it’s gone straight to the top of the Beatport chart. The dreamy vocals and unmistakable melody of the original are all still there but this is a much deeper, darker version. When someone takes such a well-loved track and reworks it with obvious care and respect for the original while still managing to produce something new and relevant, it is always going to be well received by Ibiza clubbers, as this track is proving in 2017.


Patrice Bäumel – Glutes



One of the undoubted tracks of the season, the distinctive looping notes of Patrice Bäumel’s Glutes are a familiar sound out on the party island this year and if you’re out on Ibiza, this track is one you’re sure to hear. Those strange, soaring tones really get inside your head. It’s an odd name for a track, though – anyone know what it means? Surely it’s not named after Bäumel’s favourite group of muscles…


Camelphat and Elderbrook – Cola



When we come to look back at 2017 and we choose one tune that defined this summer in Ibiza, that track could well be Camelphat and Elderbrook’s Cola. Whenever dancefloors hear the unmistakable bassline fading in as the DJ begins mixing this track, it all starts going off. Cola had an unassailable spot at the top of the Beatport chart for weeks until it was recently dethroned and it has also been the most Shazamed track on Ibiza this summer. We’ll overlook the fact that this is a song about spiking a girl’s drink, it’s an absolute belter. Sip your coca cola and enjoy.


Marian Hill – Down (Franky Rizardo Remix)



Franky Rizardo has come up with the goods with his take on Marian Hill’s Down. He’s taken the melancholic vocals and downbeat piano of the original and layered them over a funky bassline, turning it into an eminently danceable house track. If you like this, you might want to head to Defected at Eden where Rizardo is booked to play every Sunday from 27th August through to 1st October.


Andy Toth and Billy Love – Thrillseekers (Chuck Daniels Remix)



Here’s a real stormer that’s been doing the rounds out on Ibiza this season. This is the kind of track a DJ builds a set around and when this one drops, you can expect things to go a little bit crazy. This version sees Chuck Daniels on remix duties and he has added an irresistible bassline that complements the vocal perfectly, resulting in a tune that is destined to be on the soundtrack to many a wild night out on the White Isle this year.


Axwell /\ Ingrosso – More Than You Know



Here’s an anthem for the summer on the more commercial side of things from Axwell /\ Ingrosso. It’s a big singalong tune specially crafted to get people’s hands in the air and you’re bound to be hearing this in the clubs and the bars all over the island this year, especially in places like Ushuaïa and, of course, anywhere you manage to see Axwell /\ Ingrosso playing out. This tune is not subtle about what it’s trying to do, it’s an unashamedly euphoric summer song expressly designed for making the party people feel good.


Dennis Cruz - Mad



We love this tune. It’s a big, dark monster from Dennis Cruz called Mad that will inevitably pop up in the depths of the night at the biggest clubs all over Ibiza. The growling bassline and aggressive beat are the ideal accompaniment to the angry vocal, all in distinctive Dennis Cruz style. Incidentally, the vocal comes from the film The Network which was released way back in 1976 – but everything he says seems more true and relevant now than it ever was. Cruz has hit the spot once again and this is another track that you are sure to hear multiple times this summer.


So these are our top picks for the tunes of the season to date and if you’ve already been out there, you’ll be familiar with many of them already. Quite apart from anything else, this season has been marked by some excellent musical output so far. After such a strong start to the summer, we’re excited to see what the second half of the season in Ibiza brings as there are surely plenty more aural gems heading our way.

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