Essential guide to Ultra Music Festival, Miami 2017

With just over a week to go, this year’s Ultra Music Festival is almost upon us.  The Phase 3 lineups and all the set times have been announced and if you’re lucky enough to be in possession of a much-coveted ticket, then you are most likely climbing the walls in anticipation of the latest edition of what has become a behemoth of the electronic music calendar.  If you didn’t manage to obtain your ticket to this year’s event, there’s nothing we can do to ease the pain other than providing a run-down of everything you’ll be missing.  Fortunately, the shows will be available to view on UMF’s YouTube channel so even without being there in person, you can still join the world’s biggest online party and be among the first to hear what’s at the cutting edge of the global electronic music scene.




Ultra Music Festival Miami lineup, info & live broadcast youtube details

What you need to know about UMF

For those who have somehow never heard of the Ultra Music Festival, let’s start with the basics and a bit of history.  This annual event, now in its 19th year, is held every March in Miami, Florida.  The first edition, billed as Ultra Beach Music Festival, took place on Miami’s South Beach in 1999 and was headlined by the likes of Paul van Dyk, Josh Wink and Rabbit in the Moon, drawing around 10,000 partygoers.  From these relatively modest beginnings, the festival has grown year on year to become one of the most important and eagerly awaited events of the year.

In its third year, the festival was moved from South Beach to Bayfront Park in the downtown area and was already attracting more than twice the number of music fans.  The festival remained a one-day event for the next few years and continued to attract top names from the world of electronic music including Paul Oakenfold, Tiësto and others, and attendances continued to grow year on year.

It was in these early years that Carl Cox joined with Ultra Music Festival, bringing his Carl Cox & Friends concept to UMF.  CC&F has gone on to become an icon of this festival as well as a mainstay of many other events all over the world, with the big man using his curated stage to give exposure to exceptional talent and bringing his trademark quality to the festival experience globally.

In 2006, with Ultra Music Festival still expanding, it was moved to a new home at Museum Park where it stayed until 2012, by which time it was pulling in crowds of 100,000 - ten times the attendance of the inaugural party on South Beach.  The following year, the festival was expanded to become a two-day event and it was further expanded to its current three-day format in 2011.  In 2012, the event was moved back to its Bayfront Park home where it has been held every year since.

From 2008, the UMF brand outgrew its original Miami home and Ultra Worldwide was created to hold similar festivals all over the world in different locations in South America, Asia and Europe.  Over the years, the festival has won many awards including the International Dance Music Awards prize for Best Dance Event three times and the IDMA award for Best Music Event, also three times.  Last year’s incarnation was acclaimed as the World’s Best Festival by DJ Magazine.  Since it was created, UMF has made a name as a brave and bold outlet for the pioneers of the scene.

Ok, so enough history.

Ultra Music Festival Miami 2017. UMF Lineup and all the information you need.

Why you really want to go

If you’re not already convinced that this is a party you absolutely don’t want to miss, here are some more reasons why you should be there this year.

This festival has grown into a truly spectacular affair over the years with a number of different areas and varied stages on offer, providing a showcase for all kinds of electronic music from chart-topping mainstream artists to experimental underground beats - and everything in between.  When you tire of listening to the biggest DJs on the planet working their magic on crowds of thousands, you can escape the masses to hunt down one of the more intimate corners of the festival where unexpected treasures await.  Many people will tell you afterwards that their favourite memory of the festival was when they unwittingly found themselves caught up dancing for hours to totally fresh and unknown music being played by someone they never intended to see.  This festival is not just about the headliners, it’s also about uncovering new music - so leave the Mainstage and go and explore.

As you spend the three days of the festival drifting from stage to stage, you are also likely to be among the first in the world to hear brand-new music as artists use the festival to unveil their newest material.  Lots of the music you hear will almost certainly go on to become huge dancefloor favourites in the months following the festival.

The big names are there too, though, and this year promises to be particularly exciting.  Not least, this year will see the Carl Cox Megastructure hosting RESISTANCE for the first time in what should be a stunning development.  For UMF regulars, the Carl Cox Megastructure has become part of the bedrock of the festival and this natural coming together of two monsters will doubtlessly be one of the early highlights of the whole year.


though, and on the Live stage, you will be able to catch some of the biggest acts in electronic music past and present performing live.  The festival also regularly throws up some unexpected surprises, and in the This festival is not just about DJspast there have been unannounced appearances from pop A-listers such as of Madonna and Justin Bieber.  You just never know what will happen or who you might see until you’re there

So who’s actually on?  This year’s lineups

The DJs and acts booked for the festival are traditionally announced in three waves or ‘Phases’ – Phase 3 has just been announced along with the times for the sets so now we have all the details of just how mouth-watering this year’s event is shaping up to be.  It’s not possible to list all the artists booked to appear but we can certainly have a look at some of the standout names to whet our appetite.  Just scanning down the list, it looks like the organisers have managed to assemble a perfect blend of established performers as well as more recent electronic superstars.

The closing acts for the three nights of the festival have now been confirmed respectively as Major Lazer, Axwell / Ingrosso and DJ Snake.  They will be joined throughout the three days by the likes of Armin van Buuren, Martin Garrix and David Guetta.  Tiësto will be playing on the Mainstage on the Saturday evening and will be followed a little later on by Afrojack.

As mentioned, Carl Cox will be playing RESISTANCE in the Carl Cox Megastructure and appears on both Friday and the Saturday nights – and he will be joined on the Saturday by Sasha and Digweed who are playing together for the first time in the US, before midnight on Arcadia Spider this time in the Adam Beyer is playing RESISTANCE,, who is booked for the Saturday afternoon and Black Coffee.  The Carl Cox Megastructure welcomes one of the world’s currently most sought-after DJs, since 2010the Saturday.  Also in the Spider as part of RESISTANCE is a party hosted in conjunction with Space, the legendary Ibiza club which has now left its spiritual home in Ibiza to lead a more nomadic existence on the road.  This one should definitely be worth checking out.

Some of the acts you might catch on the Live Stage include electronic music royalty like Underworld and The Prodigy as well as stars like Justice, Major Lazer and Chase & Status.  You can also look forward to a typically trippy live show by Rabbit in the Moon and if you feel like something a bit different, you might want to make a note of when to make your way over to see Ice Cube or Cypress Hill who are booked to play.

There are plenty of other stages too, including the Worldwide stage, the UMF Radio stage and the Oasis stage, and so many other acts and artists that there’s no space to list them all.  It is enough simply to say that that there will be music for every electronic taste and the party people lucky enough to be inside when it all kicks off will be able to find something for their every whim or caprice.  If you want further details, you can check out UMF’s official website or download the app, both of which list all the lineups and stages as well as the times.

Ultra festival Miami lineup 2017. UMF line up mainstage.

Ultra Music Festival Miami 2017. Resistance stage lineup.

Ultra Music festival Milami. Live stage lineup. UMF 2017.


Follow the UMF live broadcast on YouTube

The good news for those poor ticketless souls who are by now probably turning shades of green with envy is that Ultra Music Festival will also broadcast live on the UMF YouTube Channel.  For a taster, you can head over there beforehand to check out some of the previous UMF parties, both the Miami, you will be able to tune in for a taste of some of the headliners as well as a good selection of the lesser-known but highly talented performers who are part of the fabric of the festival and whose music will deservedly be given exposure to the wider world.  If you can’t be there in person, this is three days of the festival incarnations and the Worldwide versions.  During the about the nearest thing you can do to poking about the lesser stages to uncover and experience those fresh sounds from Miami for yourself.


Enjoy the party!

From a party on the beach for 10,000 back in 1999 to the latest version being staged in just over a week which will pack in around 165,000 clubbers and will be broadcast all over the planet, the Ultra Music Festival has grown to become an institution of the electronic music world, an important event for the breaking of new music and one of the most anticipated festivals on the calendar.  The organisers keep setting the bar higher and higher every year but from the look of the lineups they’ve put together, as well as from the musical creativity that has gone into this year’s festival, without a doubt 2017 will be one of the best so far - and a real celebration of all the music we love.

miss the live show by , if you’re at the event, make sure you don’t Here’s a tip from usand Worldwide events?  Which was your favourite year?  What would you be willing to do to lay your hands on a ticket?  Who are you most looking forward to seeing there?  Youngr on Friday afternoon on the Live Stage, he is just an amazingly talented musician.  If you’re listening in online, pour yourself a cold G&T, sit back in a comfortable armchair, turn it up and enjoy ULTRA MIAMI!



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