Ibiza Classics. Push - Universal Nation

This classic trance track will take you right back to the height of the trance music scene in Ibiza at the end of the 90s when we were listening to beautifully crafted tunes like this one - 'Universal Nation' by Push, originally released in 1998.


It starts with a delicate sci-fi riff before a tough, thumping beat kicks in and drives the track forward. The first breakdown is a pure hands-in-the air moment, and then the beat is back, there’s a sudden snare roll, that unmistakable ‘wooh!’ and the whole room is rocking. The second dreamy breakdown is longer and takes its time to build. There are more sci-fi samples before the track starts to pick up again, layering in some uplifting synth and a slow drumroll before one more ‘whoo!’ sends the shivers down your spine, your hands into the air and whole club into a frenzy.


Yes, it's 10 minutes, but it's a journey worth taking.



Push, also known as M.I.K.E. Push, is Belgian DJ and producer Mike Dierickx, and he’s the one responsible for one of the all-time Ibiza classics of that era. He’s still active both with live sets and in the studio and you can catch him at Tomorrowland in Belgium on July 22nd and 28th. He also has a couple of dates booked out in Ibiza throughout the summer.


If you’ve ever wondered what Ibiza was like at the end of the 90s, just put Universal Nation on loud, close your eyes and be taken there!


Ibiza Classics. Push - Universal Nation